Vote and campaign against housing developments without a clear infrastructure plan.

You may have seen our leaflet highlighting the key pledges that Portishead Independents councilors fought on for the 2019 election. In the following we explain what they mean in practice. Remember these pledges have been designed by Portishead Residents for Portishead Residents, no political parties were involved.

This would in practice mean the following:
* The District Council candidates you elected will monitor development activity to ensure any major development in the town has a full and comprehensive impact assessment looking at areas such as:
• Transport implications
• Impact on healthcare facilities
• Education needs
• Environmental impact
• Business impact
• Affordable housing provision

If any of these areas are found to be inadequate, Portishead Independent District Councillors will vote against these proposals and campaign with residents against them.
* Portishead Independents Town Councillors who are also District Councillors will not vote differently in different meetings. If they don’t have all the information to hand at the time they may abstain but otherwise will aim to be consistent.
* Portishead Independents Town Councillors will work hand in hand with our District Councillors in honouring this pledge. They will never tell you it’s “not Town Council business”.
* We will build partnerships with other towns and villages to ensure infrastructure concerns across the district are raised.

Establish a community led plan for Portishead

Our second pledge is about electing Town and District Cllrs who will think a little further into the future than just the next election.
Portishead Independent Councillors will:
From the first few weeks of being elected draw up a strategic outline for the town looking at key areas such as:
Supporting local businesses
Health and well-being
Community Development

* Your Independent Councillors will tap into the wealth of talent that exists in this town to form Citizen Groups in these areas who will engage with the public and create a rolling 3-year plan with aspirations and clear targets for the future.
* Our District Councillors will use the knowledge gained from these plans to target central resources and lobby to ensure Portishead gets its fair share.
* District and Town Councillors will look to support our town’s plans for the future by looking to funding and resources from multiple areas. We won’t stop just because Weston says, “it can’t be done”.
* We will create social media pages and a separate section of the Town Council website where you can keep track of the work done and contribute your thoughts.
Let our town decide our future.

Create accountable government for our town.

Portishead Independent Councillors will be more than just faces you see once every four years and never hear from again. We want to create an accountable and open government for Portishead where you’re not only kept informed but are able to take part and have your say.
* All Portishead Independent Councillors will have an online presence so you can see what they are doing for our community.
* We will livestream all Town Council meetings.
* A Portishead Independent Town Council will completely revamp how its meetings are run. It will remove pointless procedures and allow residents to play an active part.
* We will introduce at a Town Council level a right of petition allowing those who gather enough interest from fellow residents to have a debate in full council on a town issue.
* As an Independent Town Council, we will produce monthly reports publicised in the press and social media highlighting the work of the council.
* We will ensure the neutrality of the Portishead Residents Annual Meeting by supporting the use of an independent chair.
* The Independent Town Council will produce an Annual Report for the Town highlighting how the council was reaching its targets against the town plan.
* Your Portishead Independent District Councillors would work at a District Level to lobby for the implementation of the above.
Make our councils work for us.

Protect our natural environment and greenbelt..

Portishead Independents believe it is essential that our Town Council and District Councillors have a proactive vision when it comes to protecting and promoting our natural environment. Some of our key objectives are.
1. Support citizen led proposals to conduct an audit of the town’s green spaces.
2. Work with the town to protect the long term future of the Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve.
3. Develop initiatives with voluntary organisations that promote the benefits of environmental volunteering.
4. Promote car sharing and alternative public transport schemes that reduce traffic.
5. Investigate ways to increase the number of waste bins in the town.
6. Look for funding to increase allotment and open spaces.
7. In line with our development pledge, actively monitor all future developments for environmental impact and actively publicise status and consequences.
Our town’s future is in your hands.

Back community projects with proven public support..

Portishead Independent Councillors will never be so arrogant to presume that just because you elected us we have all the answers. We believe that our elected officials should do a lot more listening and a lot less talking.
We will:
* Work with the community to understand what projects / initiatives are important and what our Town and District Councillors can do to help.
* Develop a community asset map enabling us to understand what’s great in our town, what talents and resources exist and how we can best use them.
* Listen to the needs of those who may feel excluded from decision making in our community. We must ensure the voices of the young and socially isolated are heard and their ideas respected and encouraged.
* Trial new ways to empower the community to decide where resources should go through actions such as participatory budgeting schemes.
* Work with voluntary groups and local business to look at ways to generate increased funding for the town through grants and sponsorship.
We need Councillors who empower our community.
We need Councillors who will be prepared to innovate.
We need Councillors who are ready and willing to listen.

Develop local partnerships to deliver resources fairly.

Portishead Independent District and Town Councilors will not be afraid to say that our one and only priority is you the people of Portishead. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t realise the power and potential in working with others to benefit all and ensure resources are distributed fairly.
* Our Councilors will apply pressure at a District level to ensure Portishead gets it fair share of community funds from development projects.
* Portishead Independent Councilors will work with other towns and villages in the district to ensure our services and resources are not being neglected at the expense of Weston investment.
* Our Town Councilors will seek to work proactively with other Town Councils on joint projects that increase our town services and investment.
* Portishead Independent councilors will look to work with statutory and voluntary organisations to tap into regional and national funding streams that benefit our town.
For too long our town has suffered from politicians who have taken us for granted and let us down.
No More !
Change Is Coming.