Over the next four years we will:

1. Continue to work to make the Lake Grounds a first-class amenity once more, potentially returning ownership to Portishead.
2. Fight to prevent North Somerset Council building on their part of Slade Road playing fields and to make it a community asset instead.
3. Do all we can to protect other green spaces in in Portishead such as Weston Big Wood and the area around it.
4. Continue to push North Somerset Council and the bus companies for the bus services that residents want and need.
5. Campaign for the restoration of a Post Office in Portishead.
6. Encourage participation in local issues amongst children and young people - the next generation of residents.
7. Complete the Portishead Town Plan, providing valuable protections for our heritage and green spaces.
8. Maintain support for residents and community groups through grants and wellbeing projects.
9. Continue to represent the best interests of the town in respect of the Wyndham Way project.
10. Look to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points in the town to help tackle climate change.
11. Investigate ways to spend Section 106 money to support our schools.
12. Look for ways to reduce PTC’s carbon footprint.
13. Continue to honour the pledges we made four years ago: to ensure that any new development comes with the required infrastructure; to deliver accountable and open government; and to further develop local partnerships.

These are all things that you’ve told us matter to you, and we understand how important they are to Portishead.